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"All my wanderings and searches brought me back to a long-forgotten place that I realized for the first time." (T. N. Eliot)

The story of the origin of the Jurjevec Castle hotel originates on the former property of the Austro-Hungarian nobles Thurn Taxis in the 17th century. For almost a century, Jurjevec Castle has been a famous refuge for the high aristocracy.

Even though throughout history it has suffered great devastation and neglect of property, at the beginning of the 21st century the castle, led by the heir of the estate, Željko Dorotić, returned to its former glory, respecting the original idea of Baroque builders and thus becoming an ideal place for lovers of true peace; new life and beginning.


Imagine a castle copied from a fairy tale book in a quiet rural area. A castle that tells historical stories that are worth listening to and exploring, and experiencing the present.

Now imagine a small oasis of peace in that rural area. An oasis that will pamper all your senses and make your vacation an unforgettable experience. A place where you will feel at home and thousands of miles from your home.

A place where people live calmer, fuller, and stronger. Every step through this piece of earthly paradise leads you to new emotions and pleasures.

Hotel Castle Jurjevec is a baroque oasis of luxury ideal for a weekend escape from everyday worries and stress, but also an excellent choice for your business stay.

Green peace with walks through vineyards where roses bloom and their color testifies to the health of aromatic bunches. A call of the landscape that invites you to sit at a table with a traditional continental dish and with good wine to celebrate an important day or an ordinary day full of colors, scents, and stories.

A total of 24 comfortable and stylish rooms, wellness, and a unique offer of local specialties under the guidance of top chefs. They are just part of the story you can experience together with the friendly and dedicated hotel staff. The indoor and outdoor pool and wellness and the rich menu of the à la carte restaurant are just part of the story you can experience together with the friendly and dedicated staff of the hotel.

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